We all love a well-manicured lawn, right? Nothing makes us happy to see a healthy, well-trimmed lawn every day which is why it is important to maintain it and keep your lawn green all throughout the year.

However, there are a few things that could make our lawns ugly. It could be dead leaves, twigs, dog poop, garbage and the worse of all, grasses.

Now I am not saying that you don’t take care of your lawn well but there will be times when weeds cannot be controlled. They will grow anywhere and if you miss your chance of getting rid of them, you will be dealing with stubborn ones that won’t go away.

Best Weed Killer For Lawns – Buying Guide And Recommendations

So what do you do? Kill it of course and if you want to know the best weed killer for lawns are then you will be happy to know that we can help you with that.

What is a Weed Killer?

A weed killer is a combination of chemicals that help remove overgrown weeds. Weed killers are often concocted to control not only weeds but also unwanted plants. Some herbicides help kill the weed but leave other plants unharmed; these are called selective herbicides.

Non-selective herbicides on the other hand are also known as total weed killers. They are used to clear out weeds of all types whenever the plants come in contact with this substance. This is usually used in clearing railways, construction sites and other areas used commercially.

Top 10 Best Weed Killer For Lawns

Managing weeds can be challenging for someone who has no experience in doing so. This is also due to the fact that weeds can grow easily in a short span of time and in different types of soil. Now in order to make sure that you can leave your lawn without any weeds growing, you need to choose the best weed killers that you can find.

We all want a weed-free garden so choosing the best herbicide can definitely give you the results you are looking for. But with all the products in the market, can you really pick one that works effectively? Worry no more as we give you the top 5 of the best weed killers in the market today:

1. Compare-N-Save Grass and Weed Killer

Compare-N-Save Grass and Weed Killer

One of the best weed killers that you can find in the market today comes from Compare-N-Save. It is an efficient weed killer that penetrates the roots and kills all weeds in your yard, patio, driveways as well as fences.

This comes in a concentrated formula that can be used in 85 gallons worth of spray. This amount can cover 25,000 square feet of your property.

It can instantly kill weeds and is recommended that this weed killer is used during warm and dry seasons. Since it is very soluble in water, the rainy season might just wash it off although it is rainproof for at least 2 hours, it is still best to use this during the dry season. It is also affordable so you can buy one easily.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s soluble in water.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It covers 25,000 square feet of your yard or area around your house.
  • It kills the roots of the weeds so it prevents it from growing back right away.
  • It’s very effective.


  • It kills everything it touches so you might have to use this carefully.
  • Customers complained about not being effective even if it’s mixed according to instructions.

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2. Roundup Weed Killer Concentrate Plus

Roundup Weed Killer Concentrate Plus

If you want a tough working weed tool then the Roundup Weed killer is the product for you. It can kill weed easily and provides you with little maintenance for your lawn, patio or garden as it can kill weeds in a short span of time.

It is formulated with FastAct that penetrates even the toughest weeds or grasses deep down the roots. That is why it is one of the best products used in clearing pathways, drives ways and mulch beds.


  • It can kill even the toughest weeds and grasses easily.
  • It’s rainproof for 30 minutes.
  • It can be used in large areas and a lot of preparations.
  • It can show visible results in 12 hours.


  • Customers complained about delayed results even if they have mixed the solution according to instructions.

3. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

Another great weed killer comes from Espoma. This product does not only kill the weed but it will also help nourish your garden soil as it provides it with the needed nutrients. If you want something that can help kill weed in the garden or lawn then this is the product that you should check out.

It can also provide your lawn a long-lasting green color that is resistant to UV rays. Since it is organic, it poses no threat to the environment as well as your pets or children.


  • It is made from corn gluten meal which is organic matter.
  • It penetrates the roots so it inhibits the growth of weeds.
  • It provides nitrogen that is needed by your lawn thus making it greener and thicker.
  • It is safe to use around children or pets.
  • It covers 1,250 square feet of land area.


  • It’s not too effective according to customers.
  • It’s also expensive.

4. Spectracide 95834 Weed kill for Lawns

Spectracide 95834 Weed Stop for Lawns

This type of weed killer is designed specifically for lawns and has a selective herbicide formula that kills broadleaf weeds. It also reaches the roots without harming the lawn’s structure.

It also lasts for hours compared to other types of expensive weed killers. It’s also designed to be safe for humans as well as the environment.


  • It can kill around 200 types of weeds.
  • It does not harm lawns.
  • It can kill tough weeds.
  • One container can cover 16,000 square feet.


  • Customers complained that even after multiple applications, the weeds still grow back.
  • Doesn’t work much on dandelions and broadleaf.

5. Roundup 5725070 Control Weed and Grass Killer

Roundup 5725070 Control Weed and Grass Killer

For out next weed killer, Roundup has the solution you are looking for. This company has a reputation for making the best weed killers in the market that is used by professionals and individuals alike. The dual-action formula that they have developed ensures that the weeds don’t grow for another four months.

And if you are someone who doesn’t like the smell of chemicals then this product is perfect. It comes pre-constituted and is ready to use whenever you like.

It also comes with an inbuilt bump and goes sprayer in its container so you don’t have to buy the parts. It is also created to be less irritating and gives you visible results within a few hours after use.


  • It is rainproof for 10 minutes.
  • It kills weeds instantly.
  • Its results can be seen after 3-4 hours.
  • It’s easy to use as you just have to spray it.
  • Refilling is not a problem.
  • A single container can cover 400 square feet.
  • It’s ready to use so you don’t have to bother mixing.


  • Customers complained that this weed killer does not work as expected.

6. Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer

This weed killer is simply the best of its kind and if you are concerned about getting rid of weed that has plagued your lawn especially an established lawn then this right here is just the perfect option to make use of.

Ranging from poison ivy to dandelions, this is the type of weed killer that would get rid of weeds without affecting the grass that has been attacked.

Not touching the grass on your lawn is simply what sets this weed killer apart from other similar products on the market and as effective as it is, it still features a very gentle formula which guarantees that it does the job it is required to do.

For gardeners and lawn owners who have lawns and gardens that have been plagued by weed then the Southern Ag weed killer is what they need as it is effective and potent.


  • Covers a large area
  • Destroys weed without affecting grass
  • Has a decent price


  • Doesn’t kill all weed but tends to kill most

7. Preen 2464083 Garden Weed Preventer

This is one of the most popular gardening brands as it is quite famous for the making of several high quality and reliable gardening products. For this reason, our readers should not be surprised that this product has made it to our best weed killer for lawns review.

Just as its name reads, this is one product that would definitely make sure weeds don’t grow anymore on your lawns or gardens.

It is best applied at early springs because that is exactly when weeds tend to grow and when applied at that time, it would impossible to see weeds growing anymore.

In order to achieve the best results, this product should be applied immediately after weeds have been removed and this product comes with a spreader cap which makes spreading its granules convenient.

For an established lawn, this is also a good product to use


  • Comes with an in-built cap spreader
  • This product is top of the class with its performance
  • Has a good coverage
  • Reliable product


  • Quite expensive when compared with other products

8. Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

If your lawns have already been attacked by weeds then Gordon’s Speed Zone weed killer proves to be a very great choice and asides from being affordable, it also has good coverage.

There is enough quantity of this weed killer to be used on lawns and we actually mean more than enough to last up to a year so you would not be running out of this product anytime soon.

What tends to interest people about this weed killer is its unique formulation. It has the right formulation that ensures it kills weed even in cold weather conditions. However, there are certain restrictions that should be observed when making use of this weed killer.

One of them is not applying on lawns that have St.Augustine grass and also on clovers that are being kept.


  • Produces quick results in about one to two weeks
  • Decent price
  • Features about four active ingredients
  • Does well even in cold weather


  • Not ideal for use on all types of lawns. Its restrictions and instructions should be read carefully

9. Ortho GroundClear Vegetation Killer Concentrate

The Ortho Ground Clear weed killer is one that attracted our attention based on the positive reviews customers have written about it. This weed killer is one that has no mercy when dealing with weed as it ensures that weeds are totally eradicated from your lawn.

It features a powerful formula that penetrates directly the roots and ensures that weeds die and you don’t have to wait for long to see results as results manifest immediately when applied.

The guidelines that this product comes with the need to be read thoroughly if best and desired results want to be achieved and the manufacturers of this product strongly recommend that this weed killer should be applied on lawns every six to eight months.

There are several users who strongly admit that this product ensures that weeds do not grow on your lawn for a very long time and that is why we love it.


  • Its effects on weeds last for as long as a year
  • Destroys weeds and makes sure new ones don’t grow
  • Best for use on patios, lawns, walkways.


  • Its coverage is limited
  • For lawns with desirable flowers and plants, this product shouldn’t be applied

10. Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer

best weed killer for lawns

Lastly, the Scotts weed killer for lawns is the product we would use in rounding up this interesting best weed killer for lawns review and this product you are taking a look at is a superb option for lawns that are already established as it would not attack already existing flowers or grasses.

It is very powerful as it ensures weeds like chickweed, henbit, crabgrass and more do not grow on your lawn.

There are several good reports about this weed killer that indicates how effective this product is and these reports also indicate that its effect lasts as long as one year. Pulling out existing weed and mowing lawns is quite necessary before applying this weed killer and after getting rid of already existing, watering the lawn is also another necessary action that needs to be taken.


  • Has a nice price
  • Very easy to apply on lawns
  • Ideal for use on established lawns
  • Prevents weeds from growing and won’t attack flowers or plants


  • When applied, grass or flowers cannot be planted for about four months
  • Instructions need to be carefully read as it isn’t advisable for use on all kinds of lawns

How to Control & Prevent Common Lawn Weeds

Yes, whether we like it or not, weeds will grow in our garden, lawns, driveways (especially if they are not entirely covered in concrete) and patios. There will always be weeds that will crawl their way up and destroy the beauty of your yard. So what do you do then? Killing and controlling their growth is a good option but is it really worth trying?

The question is HOW can you control and prevent common lawn weeds? If this is your case right now then you know that you need the help of the best weed killers. We have listed the top five chemicals that you can use but if you are looking for an alternative way to keep your yards green, fresh and weed-free then you need to take control of it.

In order to keep your yards clean and weed-free, setting regular maintenance can do the trick. If you have the physical ability to do so then do it yourself. It will help you save money. If not then you can always hire maintenance (and if you can afford one) for it.

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Steps to Control Weed Growth

Before you take any weed control program, it is essential to determine the types of weeds that are growing in your lawn. This is because each variety requires you to do a different process or method of getting rid of it.

There are two types of weed preventing products that you can find in the market today. One type is applied before the weeds grow or spread and the second one is applied when they are actively growing. Identifying the type of weed growing in your yard will make it easy for you to pick out what kind of weed killer to buy.

For example, broadleaf weeds are pretty easy to identify as they have wide blades of leaves. They don’t look like your common lawn grass and they can be removed with the use of selective weed control method. This means that you have to specifically use a certain method or product that can eliminate the growth of this type of weed in your yard.

Herbicide products for broadleaf are available in liquid and granular forms so you must know which ones can work better. Another type of weeds is the grassy ones. They are more difficult to detect as they can appear similar to the regular grass in your lawn. They are the ones that are commonly treated with herbicides.

There are also other chemicals used for killing grassy weeds. They are a bit stronger compared to the ones you can easily find in the market and may need certain precaution when using or they you might end up killing not just weeds. These are used sparingly too as you need to reseed the areas you have cleared with grass seeds.

What Kills Weeds Permanently?

The best and most effective way to kills weeds is by using herbicides. You have so many options to take and they are available in the market. There are pre-mixed herbicides to concentrated ones that you can use.

Of course, if you are looking for natural ways to kill weeds then you can always do these tricks yourself. You don’t have to use chemicals or even milder forms of herbicides to get rid of weeds.

Here are ways to on how to kill weeds naturally:

  1. Table salt – this doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive salt, just pick one of the cheapest salts that you can find and pour it on the weeds. This will prevent them from growing or spreading like crazy.
  2. Soap – soap has essential oils and this can help in breaking down the waxy or hairy surfaces of the weeds. This then makes the weed open to desiccants. What you need to do is add a few drops of liquid soap (detergent or dishwashing) to vinegar or vodka sprays and spray it on the leaves. Don’t wash it; leave the spray solution on the leaves and see what happens.
  3. Boiling water – pouring boiling water on weeds can make whacking easy. Boiling water can run off surfaces of the weeds and cools down before it reaches other plants.
  4. Vinegar – who would’ve thought that the best weed and grass killer is found in your kitchen? 5% vinegar is a desiccant thanks to its acetic acid. This will suction the life of plant leaves and is destructive to the immature roots of the growing weeds. Place the vinegar in a spray bottle and avoid spraying your other plants if you want them to stay healthy.
  5. A good amount of vodka – mix this liquor to 2 cups of water and adds a few drops of dish soap. Spray it on the weeds and let it dry out, this will kills the weeds in the long run.
  6. Good old newspapers – place newspapers on the weeds can help block the sunlight that it needs. Placing a least 10 sheets of wet newspapers can prevent the weeds from growing.
  7. Carpet samples or old shower curtains – just like newspapers, all you have to do is spread it on top of the weeds to prevent it from growing. You can also cover it with mulch to seal the deal.
  8. Corn gluten meal – this will prevent the germination of weeds. You can spread this around your plants or lawns to prevent weed growth.


Often times you cannot kill the weed without harming your lawn or other plants but if you know the right product to use then it is not impossible to get rid of weeds wandering in your yard.

Sure, keeping a well-trimmed and healthy lawn can be daunting but if you don’t want weeds growing in your yard then you have to make time and keep regular maintenance of your yard.

Choose the best weed killers too; this will make your work easy. If you don’t like chemicals you can also try natural ways to do so but of course, don’t expect to get results right away with the natural method as this will take time.

However, you want to get rid of weeds growing in your lawn is entirely up to you but always remember that you need lots of patience when doing so. Keeping a regular schedule will keep your lawn healthy, green and free from weeds. So choose the best method, you will surely get the results you are looking for.

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