If your home is in a zone that is flooded or it has its foundation in a crawl space, basement, or under the water line that you definitely need to get yourself a sump pump if you don’t already have one because it can serve as a lifesaver if a case of flooding ever arises.

If you are wondering what sump pumps are, they are actually electrical pumps that are effective in getting rid of moisture and water before it forms a puddle or flood beneath your basement and we have two types of sump pumps that would benefit users in so many ways.

Welcome to this best sump pump for crawl space review and in this review, you would learn all you need to know about sump pumps and also the types of sump pumps we have as well as how to install, store and maintain a sump pump.

We are bringing to you the ten best sump pumps together with their outstanding features, pros and cons and also how they can be of benefit to every user.

Best Sump Pump For Crawl Space – Buying Guide And Recommendation

If you have a crawl space or a basement that finds it difficult to remain dry all through the year then you definitely need to get yourself a sump pump and even if the bottom floor might not flood, it can also lead to the formation of broken foundations, mildew and mold.

The benefit of having a sump pump is it would keep your crawl spaces and basements dry every time. Without wasting further time, let us show you the best products we have rounded up for you.

Best Sump Pump For Crawl Space Review

1. Superior Pump 91570 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

best sump pump fpr crawl space

The superior submersible utility pump is our favorite is this review as it holds down the number one spot and the main feature about this pump is its thermoplastic body which is quite useful when it comes to offering protection against corrosion that might occur due to chemical exposure, water exposure and coming in contact with harmful detergents.

It also comes with a 1/2 HP motor that is capable of generating about 3300 GPH combined with a twenty-five feet max rating.

These features listed above are what make this sump pump the perfect pump when working in basements or in crawl spaces. Cleaning and flushing would not be a difficult task when it comes to making use of the Superior Sump pump as it comes with a 3/4 inch garden hose which also has a filter screen that helps in getting rid of large-sized debris.

This is one pump built to function daily if properly installed and mounted and this pump guarantees to function for about ten years.


  • Features a filter screen which works in eliminating large debris
  • Its thermoplastic body build fights back corrosion
  • Has a 25 feet max head rating for working on long drainage pipes


  • Has no automatic switching system
  • If left connected to the source, this sump pump might burn out

2. WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump PumpĀ 

The WAYNE CDU980E sump pump is the best sump pump anyone can settle for as it comes with a 3/4HP motor while its body construction features a cast iron and stainless steel coating as well as a vertical float switch.

There would be nothing to get worried about once this sump pump gets mounted in any sump pit and its water cord is about eight feet long but has water and wear-resistant design which makes sure it doesn’t break down despite being submerged for long hours.

Even if you are working on weep holes, there is still nothing to get worried about as this sump pump comes with a top suction power which helps in eliminating clogging and getting rid of the airlock.

Being designed by the WAYNE brand simply tells you that this is one machine that would put in an outstanding performance and its well-engineered design also makes sure that not only does this sump pump function on an efficient motor but it also runs a quiet operation.


  • Maintains a quiet operation while in use
  • The installation process is already documented and easy
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Constant submersion of this sump pump might cause its cast iron to corrode
  • Not a made in America product
  • Quite heavy as it weighs about twenty pounds

3. Professional EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump

The next sump pump that we want to review is the Professional EZ Travel Collection Drain Pump which is designed to have everything that you need in order to deliver an amazing performance.

This sump pump is also easy to operate as all that it requires is connecting its twenty-five feet drain hose to the pump and dropping it inside the pool or tub and it would get its job done and if you are into the maintenance of pools or tubs then you would love this pumps folding feet design which guarantees low profile suction.

The flow rate generated from this pump’s 1/2HP motor would provide up to 3700GPH which makes this sump pump the best when working on hot tubs, spas, ponds, swimming pools and even in basements and its lightweight and comfortable design are features that users are always impressed with when talking about the Professional EZ Travel Collection drain pump as it aids transportation from one site to another.


  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry this pump from one place to another
  • Best used for spas, tubs, pools and even basements
  • More water would be drained from the bottom of any pool thanks to its folding feet design


  • Doesn’t have a manufacturers warranty
  • Comes with no power switch as well

4. Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

Another best submersible pump is the Flotec FPPM3600D-01 pedestal sump pump which is specially designed for use on broader and twelve-inch basins. Even though this sump pump is mostly considered to be a replacement pump, it can still be used as a new installation and having a vertical float switch simply means that this sump pump would only get into action when it is needed or when it is called upon.

However, the only downside of this pump is its six-foot power cord which might cause users to need an extension.

The reason why users love its vertical float switch is that it ensures that excess water gets eliminated before this machine gets shuts down and you can rely on this sump pump for as long as twenty years thanks to its pedestal and thermoplastic design.

The reason why this sump pump is also used as a replacement pump is that it can be mounted easily on other brands and a new hole in any foundation would not be necessary thanks to its 12-inch basin diameter.


  • Lightweight design boosts ease of use
  • Comes with a vertical float switch which gets rid of excess water
  • Can be installed new or used as a replacement pump


  • Makes noise during operation
  • Comes with a short power cord

5. Liberty Pumps 404 1/3 HP, 115V Residential Drain Pump

The Liberty 404 sump pump is another best-rated sump pump that buyers are bound to encounter when searching for the best sump pump today and this sump pump has a compact design with two housings so it can be used for testing float or cleaning purposes without having to disconnect this sump pump when it is already connected.

We refer to this sump pump as a small but mighty sump because of its motor’s ability to generate up to 2200GPH which makes it a good option for use in crawl spaces.

Not only is this sump pump used for crawl spaces but it can also be used laundry rooms, bar sinks and other low-level drain areas.

The main reason behind the design of the Liberty 404 sump pump is for it to be used in compact areas so that users would also have the freedom to be able to install fixtures especially in areas where there are no gravity drain lines.

Safety measures need to be taken when working with this sump pump as its grounded three-prong cord needs to be connected to a GCFI in order to eliminate the possibility of an electrical shock.


  • Regardless of location or size, this sump pump would be installed with ease
  • Comes with side and front inlet options
  • Runs a quiet operation that makes it suitable for various purposes


  • Its power cord has no waterproof design
  • Its GPH rating is lower than most sump pumps on the market

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6. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

No other sump pump can match the Zoeller M53 mighty mate sump pump in terms of durability and quality of material used and it also comes with a 1/3HP motor that is capable of producing a GPH rating of 2600.

The cast iron used in making this sump pump is coated in epoxy resin which makes it able to withstand corrosion and consistent water abuse while its base also has a thermoplastic design which also helps in boosting the life of this sump pump. You are getting a long-lasting product if you settle for this pump.

Installation of this sump pump won’t take more than thirty minutes compared to other sump pumps with complex designs which has a longer installation time while its maintenance is also very much robust than most sump pumps that you might find when searching for the best sump pump.

It is ideal for use in crawl spaces and this sump pump would function faster if its inlet and housing are properly cleaned.


  • Cast iron has an epoxy coating which makes it durable
  • Comes with a heavy-duty motor
  • Can be used as the ideal replacement for your sump pump


  • Its weight and size makes it difficult to be positioned
  • Its float switch is difficult to adjust

7. Liberty, SJ10, Sump Pump, Water Powered

When working with sump pumps, one thing that you must have is a backup plan and it is quite clear that the popular backup plan we have today is the electric backup plan but looking at the water backup plan, you would realize that this form of sump pump doesn’t need the power to function.

The best water backup plan that anyone can settle for is the Liberty Pumps SJ10 whose installation should be done by a professional plumber so as to ensure that the drain and water pipes are well connected.

You will be surprised that this sump pump would function without power and as far as there is water service running in your home, this water pump would function effectively and efficiently.

It is built to repel corrosion thanks to its thermoplastic design and vertical switch so as to prevent chemicals from attacking it and here is something that would interest you about this sump pump, it is very efficient and also operates quietly.


  • At all times, this sump pump runs a quiet operation
  • Designed to fit an existing sump basin with ease
  • Doesn’t require batteries, electricity or plug outlets to function


  • Can be used only as a backup sump pump
  • A backflow valve needs to be installed for better functioning

8. WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

The WAYNE ESP25 is the best option anyone who is in need of a battery backup sump pump can go for and this is actually the second product from the WAYNE brand to make it to this review.

This is simply the best as it comes with every necessary feature that you can think of for it to function properly including an alarm but the only thing that needs to be purchased separately is a battery.

It is also recommended that when buying the battery, the WAYNE WSB1275 battery should be bought as it offers up to eight hours run time and comes already charged.

Coming already charged means this battery can start working inside the sump pump immediately it arrives and the alarm of the sump pump rings when this backup starts operating.

This alarm system also informs you when the battery is running low and this backup pump comes with a two-year limited warranty. However, the battery comes with a one year warranty as well.


  • Easily installed on an already existing system
  • Its alarm helps in notifying users on operation and battery status
  • Comes with a ten-foot head that offers space for emergency situations


  • Doesn’t come with a battery

9. Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination Battery Back-Up System

You would actually want to make use of the best sump pump in protecting your basements and the only answer that you have is the WAYNE WSS30VN sump pump which is actually the combination of a twelve-volt battery pack and 1/2HP primary pump.

This is however one purchase that no one would go wrong with as it comes with a powerful motor designed to run on a three-prong standard outlet combined with a 12-foot ground plug.

There would be no difficulty experienced when working with this sump pump as it only requires users to plug it in and allow handle the task handed to it and if you desire to change or replacing your old or worn-out sump then the WAYNE WSS30VN sump pump is the best option you can settle for. This product is also considered to be a basement, crawl space and money saver.


  • This is an all in one unit for emergency situations
  • Quiet and quick operation
  • It also has a thermoplastic design which makes it last for years


  • Requires a large size basin
  • Its battery floats and primary floats are separate which requires a higher amount of water to backup float

10. Liberty Pumps CSP-237 Crawl Space Sump Pump

We have gotten to the final product of this entertaining review and the product we have here for you is the Liberty Pump CSP-237 crawl space sump pump which is made using high-quality aluminum material that makes it withstand tough use and this is, however, a sump pump that can be used in various applications such as for low lying areas, sump pumps and also anywhere water tends to accumulate.

Settling for this product means you would be getting not just a sump pump but also a hose kit.


  • Simple installation
  • Its performance exceeds user expectations
  • Designed to drain standing water with ease


  • Doesn’t come assembled

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Best Sump Pump For Crawl Space Buying Guide

We believe that now you are familiar with the best sump pump products that can be used for crawl spaces but however, when searching for a sump pump, you should know that sump pumps have different types.

What we simply mean is that not all sump pumps are the same and below is a list on the type of sump pumps that you can find today.

Types of Sump Pump

  • Electric and Battery Backup Sump Pump
  • Traditional And Sewage Sump Pump
  • Water Powered Sump Pump

In this review, we actually focused on the electric and battery backup sump pump and also the water-powered sump pump.

How To Install, Store And Maintain A Sump Pump

If you are quite familiar with some do it yourself tasks then you would know that installing a sump pump might take all day.

In some cases, it might even extend to two days but one thing that you ought to do is to make sure that everything is properly planned and also create enough room to work.

Space, where you need to store a sump pump, doesn’t need to be much because sump pumps all have a compact design but ensure that the pump is placed in a way where it has to rest on a basin. Furthermore, also ensure that its top is properly fitted so as to avoid getting attacked by debris and also to prevent the pump from clogging.

Lastly, maintaining a sump pump isn’t much of a difficult task either as it only involves routine cleaning of the sump pit. making sure the drainage lines are not clogged and also ensuring that the pump itself is properly wiped down.


With the aid of this review, shopping for a sump pump would no longer be difficult because you have every useful information at your fingertip and we are sure that reading this review thoroughly would aid you in finding the right sump pump for crawl space model that would meet your needs.

Keep in mind that the thermoplastic body of a sump pump makes sure the pump isn’t attacked by corrosion and currently, the Superior Sump Pump is the best you can find on the market.

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