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As the winter season starts approaching, plans of getting the best snow shovel for seniors are already being made and for this reason, you might be forced to go into the market yourself or simply shop for it online.

This sounds like a very easy task but in an actual sense, it isn’t because you need to carry out some research before making up your mind on any product especially when it comes to shopping for a senior. This is where our seniors’ snow shovel comes in.

When thinking of what snow shovel for seniors to buy, it is important that you go for one which would be easy to make use of, fast and would also get rid of back pain and considering these features in mind, we decided to come up with this review.

This review contains the best products that we have carefully selected and we have also discussed their key features alongside their pros and cons and we are sure all of the products we have selected would a good job in clearing snow from our paths.

Best Snow Shovel for Seniors – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best snow shovel for seniors

There is something we would also want you to know before we carry on with this review. It would be helpful if you consult a doctor and talk about your knee or back injury if you are suffering from any so as to ascertain if you can make use of a snow shovel or not.

Best Snow Shovel For Seniors

1. Ohuhu Snow Shovel

best snow shovel for seniors

To open up our review, we are starting up this review with the Ohuhu snow shovel which proves to be easy to use and also efficient and thanks to its amazing design, the Ohuhu snow shovel also proves to be the best option for use by seniors.

This heavy-duty snow shovel features an adjustable design and it also comes with a shoveling angle combined with handles that can be easily adjusted.

Its blade can be adjusted up to 45 degrees while its adjustable handle makes it easy to work without having to bend or suffer backpressure.

Pushing snow on sidewalks, driveways and even in residential areas is done easily using the Ohuhu snow shovel as it guarantees to work faster and quicker.

When compared to a snowblower, we figured out that the Ohuhu snow shovel works faster and also offers more control when used on uneven and slippery roads.

Painted using bright orange color as well as having a solid material construction makes this snow shovel extremely durable and also the best option for seniors.


  • Built to be durable
  • Has an easy to adjust the design
  • Efficient
  • Has a solid construction


  • Installation is quite confusing
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

After doing a 2 inch and 4-inch snow I can say that this is a MUST HAVE item. I can clear my 60-foot two-car driveway by pushing the snow into the street in about 10 passes and less than 20 minutes. That is probably over 50% faster than doing it with a shovel. Clears right down to the concrete. There is some skipping if the pavement doesn’t have a bit of snow to reduce friction. You will quickly learn to avoid bumps, holes and concrete edges, but it is very much worth it. I was worried about the handles being too close to controlling the movement, but they seem fine during my first use.

Pam Stef

I wanted a shovel that would not hurt my back. My husband was skeptical, but I purchased it anyway. We watched the instructional video and put it all together in under 30 mins. I took it out for a “test” drive to see how it would work cleaning off the snow leftover from the prior night’s snowfall. It worked great. I think that its best use would be for light, fluffy snow. You would be able to quickly finish a driveway. It would also work great for cleaning up after the snowblower in wet heavy snow.

2. Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher/Shovel

This is one of the most popular and heavy-duty snow shovels on the market and the Ivation heavy-duty snow shovel is built to push and get rid of snow of about five inches deep.

This proves to be a better option when compared with most electric snow pushers and shovels on the market as it is built to get work done very fast and quickly.

Its handle has an adjustable design that enables its handle to be adjusted up to fifty inches while its dual medium-sized wheels make sure there are adequate control and stability during use.

Your winding driveway can be cleared using the Ivation heavy-duty snow pusher and shovel but unlike the first product that we just reviewed, it doesn’t feature a pushing angle.

However, the design of this snow shovel makes sure every user pushes snow without having to bend and this is why it is such a good choice for seniors as it doesn’t require them to bend when working with this tool.

All of these features make it the best option for seniors and also for getting rid of snow in a small time frame.


  • Easy storage and installation
  • Lightweight design but also sturdy
  • Works very fast


  • Not suitable for use on sidewalks
Customer Reports
Prairie Dove

This snow pusher is outstanding! I actually bought two of them. The first was for my son in Utah – first house, first snowstorm, and the handle of the shovel he had was kind of a small triangle. So, I hopped onto Amazon & found this beauty. He loved it so much over the next two storms that I ordered one for my husband and myself in Idaho. The shovel is great! Hardly any effort on 6″ of snow, some harder pushing on 12″ of snow. No more backache! Assembly is not difficult, and for every nut & bolt required for assembly, there were extras. Highly recommend.


As an out of shape older lady, I need something to clear my small driveway when I don’t want to hire someone. This absolutely fits the bill. I cleared my 20-foot driveway, with about 2-3 inches of snow, in under 10 min. I could have done it with one hand tied behind my back. No bending, no straining. Because I was a bit skeptical, I chose a well-rated one with a middle of the road price. This one does not pivot which is a feature found on some. For my purpose, this is just fine. I have already recommended it to others that I know.


One key fact is if you do not make use of the right type of tool when clearing snow then it would be difficult to get such task done and that is why we have brought to you the Snow Plow 50548 snow pusher which has proved to not only be easy to work with but it has also proved to be very comfortable to work with.

One fact of the Snow Plow snow pusher is it comes in about four different models but each of these models is quite perfect for getting rid of snow especially when it comes to working on a delicate wooden surface.

It features a polyethylene blade that makes sure that this blade doesn’t damage sensitive areas especially on wooden surfaces and here is something that most users love about this snow pusher, it has a D grip which makes it easy to maneuver when making use of this snow pusher.

Furthermore, having a rustproof construction also makes sure that you are not back to the market shopping for a new snowplow anytime soon as it would last long. This tool has a manual design so clearing snow on the driveway and around your house is made easy.


  • Lightweight and works quick
  • Can be stored with ease
  • Built to last long


  • Too large to work on sidewalks
Customer Reports
Cowboy Bob

I’ve always preferred the ‘plowing’ method of snow removal to the ‘lift and throw’ process, but in the past, the best shovels I could find to plow were metal blades. They were great for getting all the way down to the blacktop, but they were very noisy and would wear unevenly. I’ve seen shovels similar to the Snowplow used at hockey games to clear snow from around the boards, and they looked like they worked very well there, but I wasn’t sure they would work on a sidewalk or driveway quite as well. I gave it a try, and I can say I am not disappointed. They can push a lot of snow and get all the way down to the surface for anything except ice. It is a perfect alternative when there is a couple of inches of light snow that isn’t worth starting a snowblower for. Well made and easy to assemble. Worth the price.


We have a very large driveway that usually took about 45 minutes to an hour to push with a normal snow shovel. With this PUSHER though we only take about ten minutes to do it. However this is not a shovel, this is a PUSHER, what we do is push it all to the sides then hit the sides with the snow-blower, it is really effective and helpful. The only other bad thing is that this one is a little big for the sidewalks. It works great for our front walk leading up to our house, but like I said it is too big for normal sidewalks.

4. Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR Cordless Snow Shovel

The fourth product that we want to talk about right is the Snow Joe SS11-XR snow shovel and we must confess that this is actually a very good product from the Snow Joe brand.

This is a bit different from all other products that we have talked about as it doesn’t really require needing a particular time to make use of it but instead, this is one tool that anyone can make use of at any time as it makes clearing up snow quite easy.

This is a cordless and quick snow shovel that can be made use of anywhere and one thing which we really love about this snow shovel is the fact that it comes with a powerful battery that guarantees a run time of about thirty minutes.

With this tool, there would not be a need to maintain cords, oil the tool or even require gas to function and cheers to its dual blades which makes clearing up snow very fast and easy.

To round up the Snow Joe snow shovel, it is going to save the back from a lot of stress and pain as it permits standing upright while working and it works very fast that it saves you some time whenever it is being used.


  • Snow Joe has a reliable customer service
  • Makes use of an eco sharp technology
  • Durable


  • Its handle length is quite short
Customer Reports
Gena Hansen

Great product for the price. There are some things that would be nice for future models such as being able to direct the snow but knew that before buying. I was able to go 40 min without stopping and able to remove up to 3inches one-handed. Higher than that I had to put in more effort but still got the job done.


Lifting a shovel and throwing snow as I have gotten older was becoming impossible! This has become a wonderful fix! It is very easy to use, does throw the snow a long way, and holds a charge long enough to clean up what I need. Since I got mine two of my friends have also ordered for the same reason that I have. It helps to keep me in my home which is a big thing. I have no nearby kids to hire to shovel so it does fall on me and this enables me to open up to where the snowplow clears up the driveway.

5. The Snowcaster 70SNC Wheeled Snow Pusher

Holding down the fifth position in our best snow shovel review is the Snowcaster 70SNC wheeled snow pusher which features double wheels and also has two blades and the benefit of having these wheels is to make sure that every user that makes use of this snow shovel can move a large amount of snow with ease for a long period of time without having throw or lift ice as well as feel any pain at the back.

Its blades have two angles known as the sharp and shallow angle. The shallow angle can be used in clearing larger amounts of snow while the sharp angle is ideal for clearing up smaller amounts of snow.

The essence of its dual blades is to cut down on fatigue most people encounter when clearing up ice and what we love most about the snow is its ability to eliminate pressure from the back when clearing up snow and a lot of effort doesn’t need to be put in to clear up snow.


  • Assembles a lot of snow in less time
  • Has a sturdy design
  • Has wheels


  • Has a plastic blade
  • Has a hefty price tag
Customer Reports
Lesley B.

3-4″ of powder this baby is perfect. Wet heavy stuff, you still need a snowblower. Perfect for teens. Cut them loose early and often and they can get the drive done in no time. Took it from an hour with a snowblower to 17 minutes with this!


I love it! Works great, easy to use, effective snow removal! I’m 56 and overweight and I can use it. Strangers stop to ask where I got it!

6. TRUE TEMPER 1625300 Snow Pusher

What interests people about this snow shovel is its tendency to push and shovel ice and that isn’t all as this snow shovel would also ensure that work gets done very quickly thanks to its large capacity.

Despite the fact that this snow shovel is odd-looking, it is one that is clearly built to handle shoveling and pushing of ice and unlike other snow shovels that have the traditional small handle, this snow shovel has a one-piece U-shaped handle that offers a firm grip at its end.

Its handle can be gripped further down that is if you are dealing with a large volume of ice as it is effective in picking up and tossing away ice and here is also something of interest about this snow shovel, it features a smart build that makes sure back pain is minimized when in use.

One other cool feature of the True Temper snow shovel is its footstep which is found at the back of the shovel and this is helpful in providing added leverage when working.


  • This shovel is quite comfortable to use
  • Weighs very light
  • Designed to get rid of ice in record time


  • Expensive
Customer Reports

I bought my first years ago, and just bought two more, because these shovels are the best I’ve ever used, in terms of the amount of snow they clear and the ergonomic design. The double-handle design makes for a firm, solid control as you push forward, and the lower grips make lifting and clearing snow much easier and far less fatiguing than when using more traditional shovels. Or, if you want, you can simply push snow out of the way, and never have to lift or throw it, because the shovel is especially wide and well-designed. I have to clear a couple of long drives every year, and this shovel makes the task bearable.

Mike Marshall

I love this shove. I can move a lot of snow with it. The design with the extra places to grip it makes it easier to use. And I love being able to push it like a plow to clear a path very quickly. I have used my original for 5 winters now and would not be without it. I bought this one as a gift. And I would give it 6 stars if I could. Suggestion: If you are assembling yours (it comes in two pieces), apply some liquid dish soap to the handle prior to trying to slide it into the shovel body.

7. Garant YPSS26U Yukon 26-Inch Poly Scoop Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel

If you have been searching for a snow shovel that is capable of moving snow around a lot quicker compared to other traditional snow shovels then the Garant Yukon sleigh shovel is simply the best option as it is designed to get rid of ice very quickly.

This is the best option for people who do not intend to spend much time moving the ice around and thanks to its sturdy metal handle and 26 inches width, this snow shovel is simple to use and would also make sure that the back doesn’t feel any form of pain when working.

Making sure that the back stays in a good shape isn’t the only benefit attached to making use of this snow shovel but this shovel is built to glide around easily so it actually feels like there is no serious work being done as you do not have to lift ice or throw ice around.

Its polypropylene scoop is used to drive into the snow so as to gather as much ice as it could then the shovel is pushed to a place where the ice can be dumped. Its as simple as it sounds.


  • Prevents back pain
  • Durable and lasts long
  • No difficulty encountered when working with this tool


  • A bit pricey
  • Would require some muscle when working with this snow shovel
Customer Reports
Fabulous FinnTop

I have been using the larger version of this shovel for years. I absolutely adore that shovel and this one as well, which is smaller but easier to maneuver. I can easily plow a couple of feet of light, dry snow from my dirt driveway which is an old logging trail almost one-quarter mile long. Plus it’s a great work out without the labor-intensive lifting of traditional shoveling. I just push the snow off the edge of the driveway, which is a cliff! But heavy wet snow is the shovel’s nemesis, so be aware of your weather conditions.


This scoop allows me to push the snow rather than shovel it. It has a nice wide swath. It is easy on my back and wider than a shovel. I LOVE IT!

8. True Temper 1603072 Ergonomic Snow Shovel, 18-Inch

best snow shovel for seniors

It isn’t off to have two same products from the same brand on any review but what that tells our readers is how far the brand goes in providing high quality and amazing products that would be able to meet customer satisfaction.

This is the second snow shovel from True Temper to make it to this best snow shovel for seniors review and this owes to the fact that this shovel is built to be comfortable and also effective in clearing snow of paths.

Its scoop is made using plastic unlike other brands that make use of metal and this is the reason why this shovel is lightweight.

Being lightweight makes it very easy for users to finish up the job and here is another eye-catching feature of this shovel, its plastic scoop has a galvanized steel strip which helps in protecting against wearing down and cracking.

Being durable is also another interesting feature of this snow shovel while its well designed and well-positioned handle makes sure that the hand gets the best positioning so as to be able to work without feeling fatigued.


  • Effective in clearing ice from driveways
  • Lightweight
  • Has an ideal length
  • Repels cracking and wearing down


  • None
Customer Reports

I’ve used this type of shovel for years and finally broke the scraping edge from one so had to buy another. This is a great shovel for a moving shows. It can’t be used to “plow” snow but that isn’t what it is intended for anyway. As a scoop, it works great and the ergonomic bend saves your back.

Donna P. Howard

I bought this shovel to clear the walkways around my home. It’s very lightweight. And easy to handle shoveling snow. It helps me to move the snow very easily. I’m glad I followed my first mind. Despite some of the reviews I read. It was a good purchase. I use it every day.

9. Garant NSP24DU Nordic 24-Inch Steel Blade Snow Pusher

As we edge closer to the end of our review, we have decided to bring you this top quality snow shovel and the snow shovel we want to talk about is the Garant NSP24DU Nordic snow pusher and this product right here is one that can be trusted to push snow away from large surfaces and this is one snow shovel that is guaranteed to last over a long period of time thanks to the top quality steel material used in making this snow pusher.

Its steel reinforcements also ensure that this snow pusher tool has extra rigidity and strength.

This rigidity and strength are required in completing tasks and here is also another outstanding feature of the Garant Nordic Snow Pusher, it has a handle made of varnished hardwood that is designed to absorb shock very well.

This is the ideal tool that can be trusted in getting rid of snow from large and tough surfaces and it is recommended for people interested in settling for a high-quality snow pusher.


  • This is the ideal tool for the job
  • Good looking tool
  • Its blade features an added bracing
  • The preferred option to plastic


  • Not a heavy-duty tool
Customer Reports
Justin Fleming

Bought this a while back in preparation for winter and got to use it today. Shoveled my sidewalks and cleaned up the parking area. Snow removal was painless, just find your pitch and push away. The blade cut nicely and is very slick. Snow rolls off this shovel with ease, making for a simple clean off. Sturdy handle and solid hardware.

Matt G.

This is a great snow pusher and way more durable than plastic. Keep in mind this is a pusher and not a shovel. It’s intended to push the snow out of the way not to pick the snow up. I have used it for multiple winters and it has worked great. I would recommend repainting the bottom of the shovel after every season used to prevent rust. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra money and get a metal shovel or pusher.

10. Manplow REV42 Snow Pusher

We are closing up this review with the Manplow REV42 Snow Pusher and this is the sort of tool that when it gets worn down, it can be easily rotated from the top to its bottom which makes sure you get twice the life and performance that you can get from a regular snow pusher.

The Manplow brand is famous for its manufacture of premium and reliable products and this snow pusher right here bears the same mark as it is built to not just be durable but also long-lasting.

This snow pusher features a U-shaped handle which makes sure makes it easy to make use of, durable and strong while its blade is designed to deliver clean slices into snow in order to get rid of snow and make sure that less time is spent in clearing ice.

Its polyethylene blade is highly rated which makes it the perfect tool for scraping as well as delivering a clean and perfect finish.


  • Gets the job done the way you want it
  • Built to be rugged
  • Long-lasting tool


  • Produces vibrations when used
  • Its bolt doesn’t stay in place
Customer Reports

I have been using this type of Manplow for a few years and it does the job exactly as I want. This is two blades in one. After one blade is no longer useable, I merely reverse the blades and I have a new one. They last for a long time, and I’m very rough with this shovel.

Kyle Ferguson

Single greatest invention in the 21st century. I can clear my 125 ft single lane driveway in 7 minutes. My neighbors still out there with his snowblower looking like a fool when i have my feet up, drinking hor chocolate with my hot wife.

Snow Shovel For Seniors Buying Guide

There is the snow shovel for seniors which would make sure that the work is less tiring and comfortable but no matter how amazing these products might be, there are some useful tips that we would love to share with you.

Also, these snow shovel for seniors that we have put together for you are not only for seniors but can also be used by anyone. Check out these tips;

  • Tip 1 – The first tip that you need to maintain is your safety because if you are not properly prepared to tackle snow in your path then you might end up dealing with serious back pain. You need to wear comfortable clothes and also stretch your muscles before making use of any snow shovel and the snow shovel should also be waxed to ensure it is slippery.
  • Tip 2 – Keeping the blade close to you when trying to lift snow is also another useful tip that you should be aware of. This is very useful as it would help in fighting back strain. Also, it is necessary that you switch hands from time to time to avoid causing pressure on one hand.
  • Tip 3 – When you want to shovel snow, it should be done as early as possible because that is the time when shoveling snow is made easy because if snow sits in a corner for too long that is when it becomes quite difficult to shovel. If it happens that snowfalls throughout the day then it would be better to clear some snow during the day.


After reading this article, you do not need to be worried about finding the best snow shovel for seniors anymore and we are sure that you have all the information that you need in finding the right and ideal tool.

Don’t be put away as the products here are not just for seniors but for everyone. We would also want you to go through some of the reviews we have listed out below:

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