Best Choice
2020 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Acera...
Good Choice
2021 Gravity FSX 27.5 LTD Dual Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike
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Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels,...
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Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc...
2020 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Acera...
2021 Gravity FSX 27.5 LTD Dual Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike
Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels,...
Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc...
Best Choice
2020 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Acera...
2020 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Acera...
Good Choice
2021 Gravity FSX 27.5 LTD Dual Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike
2021 Gravity FSX 27.5 LTD Dual Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike
Don't Miss
Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels,...
Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels,...
Also Consider
Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc...
Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc...

Owning a full suspension bike could be very expensive and for this reason, it would be wise to shop on an already made budget.

Here you have our best full suspension mountain bike under $4000 review to guide you so you do not have to waste time and money but trust that this review would point you definitely in the right direction.

After taking a look at the best full suspension mountain bikes that we have reviewed, we still have a buying guide that would still be of help to you in finding a suitable full suspension mountain bike. And be sure if you plan to have a whack at mountain biking and want to capture each moment of your ride the one thing you’ll surely need is the best gimbal for mountain biking click to read more.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $4000 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best full suspension mountain bike under $4000

Right here we have put together this detailed review on the best full suspension mountain hike under $4000 and we must say these mountain bikes need to be really and carefully considered if you wish to enjoy driving not just on mountain trails but also on various terrains and weather condition.

These bikes are of great quality, comes packed with excellent features and also consist of premium components so let us meet them right away;

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $4000 Review

1. 2020 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

best full suspension mountain bike under $4000

We are opening up our best full suspension mountain bike review with the 202 Gravity FSX dual full suspension mountain bike and trust me when I say this is a mountain bike with an impressive build as well as high-quality features that would make every ride an enjoyable one.

It features a new aluminum frame designed to be durable to withstand tough outdoor use and shifting away from features, this mountain bike is also affordable as one doesn’t have to spend a fortune to purchase it.

What most users love about this mountain bike is it comes in various sizes so it should be easy to find one that would be suitable and ideal for everyone and this is also a mountain bike built to withstand all forms of outdoor use which in turn ensures that it lasts longer than other mountain bikes in its category.

It requires assembling but its assembly is easy and not time-wasting while its front and rear are occupied with quick-release wheels.

There are other interesting features of this mountain bike and they include shifters that are easy to use, front and rear easy to adjust suspension, hydro-formed tubing and many more.


  • Offers great value for its price tag
  • Lightweight mountain bike
  • Good looking and well built
  • Easy to put together


  • Comes with no directions on assembly
Customer Reports
Luiz A. Defreitas

Purchased and received earlier than expected which was nice. Could of used assembly instructions but I quickly was able quickly assemble. Did a test ride and all gears worked as did disc brakes.

Amazon Customer

This bike is extremely nice, coming from a BMX for my son. Bike took some time to get tuned just right, but it works really well. Over-all, this bike has met all of our expectations, except for a kickstand. We can’t find a kickstand that will work with this bike. Not a big deal though. My son loves the bike. If your looking for a decently priced bike that has very nice workmanship, this is the one. Everything, down to the packaging was really well thought out.

2. Gravity 2020 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Up next is another well constructed and tough mountain bike specifically built for outdoor adventure and it is also no coincidence that the Gravity company is also responsible for the production of this sturdy mountain bike just like the previous product we just finished talking about but what this should tell you is the Gravity company truly sticks to its word of manufacturing long-lasting and reliable products.

This 1.0 dual full-suspension bike features durable aluminum frames that make it super ready and withstand all harsh outdoor use and just like the previous Gravity 2020 2.0 dual-suspension mountain bike we previously discussed, this right here also has a lightweight design which makes mobility or moving around with it very convenient.

Furthermore, it can be gotten at a very affordable rate, unlike other mountain bikes that come with a hefty price tag.

Some key features which make this mountain bike the best include having a Shimano drivetrain, single-pivot technology, Shimano shifters that users would find easy to make use of, front and rear disc brakes, light and strong wall rims, quick release wheels at its front and rear and many more features.


  • Ideal for street riding
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Impressive design
  • Great price tag
  • Excellently packaged


  • Not for use on rails
  • Doesn’t offer a firm grip
Customer Reports
Drew Hayes

This bike is absolutely amazing, especially given the price. I used it as a base for a 1kw electric bike and it’s perfect for the application. I had a solid frame with no suspension before, and riding over rough streets at 25-30 MPH was rough. After moving the parts to the new frame, it’s impressively smooth. So far, I’ve had no problems with any of the components on the bike. The brakes are decent enough, even for repeated hauls down from 30 but I plan to replace them with hydraulics at some point soon. The only negative thing I can say is that the paint has chipped off in a few places, but it isn’t noticeable. All in all this bike is excellent and the seller was quick and informative. I’d recommend this bike to anyone looking for an inexpensive, fully-suspended, disc brake equipped frame.

Putnam Wright

I happen to own a very complete set of bicycle tools, to include: a repair-stand, tire-pump, cable-puller pliers, and metric hex-driver sets, and synthetic-grease. These last four items were required to complete the bike’s assembly, while the stand is a very “nice-to-have” item. The bike, itself, is very well-built with main-stream components. Either purchase these tools, (which will always be useful), or take the bike to a shop where the final assembly can be completed by a mechanic. I have purchased two of these bicycles.

3. Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike

This mountain bike that we want to bring to you is the Mongoose XR-PRO mountain bike but we want to tell you that this mountain bike is built strictly for men.

This mountain bike features twenty-nine-inch wheels and dual suspension that makes it very ready to embark on even the toughest of rails and riders can ride comfortably bearing the fact in mind that roots, rocks and bumps do not stand a chance against this durable Mongoose Mountain Bike.

Just like the previous mountain bikes that we have brought to you in this review, the Mongoose Men’s Mountain Bike also features a durable aluminum frame and here is why this mountain bike is designed to be outstanding, it features an SR Suntour Suspension Fork which makes sure all rides are comfortable and smooth even when riding through bumps.

It comes with rear and front disc brakes which makes way for effective stopping while its wide alloy rims also contribute to the durability of the Mongoose Men’s Mountain Bike.


  • Offers the same luxury experience similar to riding in a vehicle
  • Earns riders compliments
  • Packed with great quality and features
  • Delivered early
  • Very durable mountain bike


  • None for now
Customer Reports

This is my first mountain bike, first off a lot of the 1-star reviews I’ve noticed are people that do not make adjustments when they first get the bike or they get 1 small problem and hate on the bike for it.
Don’t expect to to ride this the day you get it. Take your time and watch some YouTube videos on how to adjust the brakes and derailleurs.

Mason A.

This bike is easily the best MTB I’ve ridden so far. Assembly was pretty self explanatory. To be fair though, I immediately swapped the derailleurs for some smoother Shimanos and thumb shifters instead of the stock twist shifters. The sheer size of this bike dwarfs most 26″ bikes of the same class. I’m only 5’8″ but I can sit comfortably with the saddle and suspension adjusted properly, even though my feet can just barely touch the ground. A small price to pay for such a beast. I love that Mongoose included TOOLLESS WHEELS, it makes transporting and techwork so much easier. The aluminum frame makes it so much lighter than I expected. In comparison, mine weighs only 2lbs more than the 24″ my girlfriend rides. I’m not the most in shape rider but even I can climb inclines like a breeze with this bike and it’s massive wheels and 21 speeds.

4. EUROBIKE Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The EUROBIKE full suspension mountain bike is the next on our best full suspension mountain bike under $4000 review and when compared with other mountain bikes in its category, results are quite clear that the EUROBIKE full suspension mountain bike has a higher cost-performance ratio and this is one reason why this bike has its name on our list today.

Let’s not also forget that this bike with all of its exciting features also has a very affordable price.

Upgrading its frame suspension means that users can have more relaxing and more comfortable rides and thanks to its double alloy rims that make this mountain hike extra durable.

It also comes with 21-speed Shimano shifters which users would also find very easy to make use of and it would require a little bit of assembly as its handlebars, front wheels and pedals are the only things needed to be assembled. It comes with every necessary tool.


  • Provides great fun while riding
  • Looks good too
  • Ideal for casual rides and not for extreme stunts


  • Its three fork wheels are not so strong
Customer Reports

I’m 6 feet tall, 225 lbs and have taken this bike out for a few spins in the desert. Suspension works good, it handles well, and is quite an attractive bike considering all the features. Had to make a few tweaks after assembly such as adjusting the gears to shift better and added some after market grips, seat, bottle holder etc. Overall I feel this is the best deal for the money on Amazon right now, considering the parts it has on it. Love it!


This bike blew away all my expectations. For its price point, its packed with features and offers a smooth ride. The bike looks great and responds well to your effort (stable, easy to turn, gears are a dream, quiet, durable).

5. Tommaso Gran Sasso – Mountain Bike

For people that are new to mountain biking, the Tommaso Sasso Mountain Bike is a very good option for them as they would not outgrow this bike anytime soon and this is also the type of mountain bike that can be trusted to offer an impressive performance whenever it is called upon.

It comes with rugged wheels that are built to roll over any obstacle on its way while its wheel clearance also makes sure climbing is more effective and easy.

It also comes with Shimano hydraulic M315 disc brakes that make precise stopping possible no matter the weather condition or terrain and riders can also trust that this hydraulic disc brake provides double the stopping power that a mechanical disc brake would offer.

This also helps in ensuring that all rides are safe and hazard-free while its handlebar is wide enough to offer great control even when riding in corners. Riding with this mountain bike simply means riding with a great amount of confidence.


  • Comes with the right specification
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good looking mountain bike
  • Has a superb build


  • Not so durable
Customer Reports
Dad the Maker

Best value on the market at this price point, IMO. Great looking, highest quality components, superb build quality.


I really, really like this bike. It is solid and strong, just what my 225lbs are demanding, yet I can ride it easily and it performs smoothly. The gears work well and easily and coming down that path at speed requires some more-than-leisurely braking, and these brakes do the job. It’s a great value for the price. I wanted a bike that would support my riding style (not to mention that extra gravitational pull) and with the Gran Sasso I found it. A gran sassy beast!

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6. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike 

This full-suspension mountain bike from the Schwinn company is one that comes with an aluminum frame combined with a powerful suspension fork from Schwinn which makes sure all thumps and bumps are soaked up so as to ensure that every ride is a durable and fun riding experience.

What users love about this bike is its front and rear Shimano derailleurs as well as Shimano fire trigger shifters which make way for a smooth and easy gear change.

There is also disc brakes at its front and rear which makes all stopping crisp while its Schwinn alloy cranks ensure that there are lesser maintenance and constant gearing.

For extra durability, trust its strong and light double-wall alloy rims while its rugged mountain tires are always ready to embark on any outdoor fun regardless of the terrain. This mountain bike however arrives already assembled.


  • Good design
  • Easy to put together
  • Offers a nice ride


  • The mechanic would be required to carry out minor adjustments
Customer Reports

Good bike took like 3 days to get it and 20min to put together going to buy bigger Nabi tires cuz I go to the trail and the woods and need bigger nubbe tires it’s fast 28!mph must buy 10. I’m adding a lil more took it off road and i have to say foot of water didn’t stop this bike I’ll be putting mud tires on cuz I’ve oh most worn these out already

Amazon Customer

Really nice looking bike. Very sharp paint job! Purchased for 14 year old son. Previously owned a less expensive Schwinn that lasted for about 1 1/2 years with daily use. This model is MUCH higher quality and should last for several years. Super light weight. Easy for my husband to assemble. Very pleased with this bike. Found an article online where it was listed as one of the top 5 mountain bikes under $500.

7. Merax 26inch Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork

Our next full suspension mountain bike is the Merax 26-inch mountain bike which comes with a suspension fork that makes sure riding over bumps is smooth and it also offers adequate control for better riding experience.

Another feature that makes this the best full suspension mountain bike any rider can go for is having Shimano shifters and derailleurs which offers a smooth and reliable gear shifting experience.

Users can also trust that this mountain bike has maximum stopping power thanks to its dual disc brakes and considering all of the features that we have talked about so far concerning the Merax 26-inch full suspension mountain bike, it is safe for one to conclude that this mountain bike is one with too many exciting features and also economical.

It is however designed to meet your riding needs.


  • Great design which allows the front tire to be easily removed
  • Has a stylish design which earns riders good remarks and compliments
  • Easy to assemble as it doesn’t require special knowledge to do so
  • Comes with necessary tools


  • It features heavy and slippery pedals
  • Not so easy to assemble according to some customers
Customer Reports

Very nice looking bike. Rides great! Love it! I would recommend having a bike shop assemble it or at least tune it up. I took mine to a local shop and he tuned mine up for 20 bucks.


Delivered quickly and within the estimated shipping. Was very well packaged. Easy to put together. Instructions were a little difficult to understand, but still manageable. Product is exactly as described.

8. Hyper Havoc Men’s Mountain Bike

If you are in search of a full-suspension mountain bike that is capable of providing a smooth, stable and fun ride then the Hyper Havoc 26 inch men’s mountain bike is simply the best option for you especially if you are the type that is always ready to embark on an outdoor adventure.

It is designed strictly for men and having a full-suspension combined with a fork design makes sure riders ride with ease and comfort.

Riders would enjoy riding this full suspension mountain bike from Hyper Havoc for a long period of time and this owes to the fact that this mountain bike comes with a well-padded seat, cool hyper graphics and also a sturdy aluminum frame.

Not only does this bike guarantee fun but it also ensures that every ride would be safe and comfortable and durability is also another region where this bike scores high.


  • Has an awesome design
  • Fast
  • Built to be versatile and solid
  • Affordable
  • Has an aggressive and colorful look


  • Not durable
  • Falls apart quickly
Customer Reports

Really like this bike. Do a lot of biking and it rides like a champ. High gear and low gear don’t shift when you are not on an incline, but then again one does not need those gears when it’s flat. Turning radius, shocks, suspension, mountain tires, aluminum, black, fast, light, what more could you ask for! You really get the sense that your conquering the mountain as opposed to dragging the bike along. Was suspicious at first because the price was so low, but Can’t speak highly enough… do yourself a favor and try this bike!


I bought this bike at Walmart and I put it together myself. Assembly was easy and all I had to do was fix the front brakes and adjust the rear derailleur, which I did by turning the knob on the derailleur cable next to the right shifting gear. YouTube videos will help with that. Overall, I think this is a good bike and I am really happy with it. It rides nice and I like the full suspension. I use this bike on the street only but I think it could handle the trails. I can’t afford to buy an expensive bike so this bike will have to do for a while. I really like it.

9. Max4out Mountain Bike 21 Speed

This mountain bike comes with 26 inches fashion rims which makes rides more fast and safe and thanks to having front suspension design as well as a disc brake with 21 speeds, this is one mountain bike that is built to handle hilly terrains.

It is also a mountain bike designed to have a good quality as it features an aluminum frame combined with a unique welding technology which makes this bike quite stable and durable especially when cruising.

Riders would enjoy cycling with this mountain bike as it would ensure a smooth ride on several terrains.

These terrains include wastelands, mountains and even on roads where riders can be able to perform stunts and it is also the perfect bike for any riders’ height.

Riders would be able to overcome off-road trails while riding on this bike and thanks to having front and rear disc brakes help in boosting control as well as increasing safety while riding.

There is nothing much left to assemble apart from its handlebar, seat, pedals and filling up the tires with air.


  • Offers good value for money spent on it
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick delivery
  • Has a nice texture


  • The plastic bottle holder is of low quality
  • Its seat doesn’t offer the required or desired level of comfort
Customer Reports

One of the biggest reasons we all buy stuffs on Amazon is that rest of mind that we can get a replacement, missing parts or refund with a little effort if for some reasons we have issues with our orders or we just don’t want them anymore. I really like this bike. It looks gorgeous, attractive and sturdy. I had issue with the faceplate and contacted the customer for assistance. They’re very responsive and addressed my needs according.

Richard G

Amazing bike, great value, unbeatable price, good quality. I had a question, answered by great customer service, can’t ask for more.

10. Merax Aluminum 24-Speed Mountain Bike

The Merax 26 inch 24-speed mountain bike is the last we would be talking about in this review. This is a lightweight mountain bike which comes with a heat-treated aluminum frame and what does that tell you about this bike other than the fact that what you are looking at is a durable mountain bike.

It features aluminum wheel rims as well as twenty-six inches suspension fork which ensures that riders have a smooth ride even when riding on bumpy surfaces.

Furthermore, this mountain bike comes with Shimano shifters and derailleurs which makes shifting fast and reliable while its mechanical front disc brake ensures adequate and effective stopping when necessary.

This is a lightweight bike that weighs about 330lbs and this mountain bike comes almost done with assembling as all that is left to assemble is just the seat, front-wheel, pedal, handlebars as well as filling up the tires with air.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to make use of
  • This mountain bike has decent quality


  • Its instructions aren’t well explanatory
Customer Reports
Christina Okula

Beautiful bike for an excellent price. Purchased as a gift for a large man; 6’4″ 240lbs and it fits him so well. Most mountain bikes are for smaller people but this is structured well with a wider frame. It can handle trails as well as a smooth ride around the neighborhood. Very happy with our choice! The customer service is wonderful. The seller answers all questions quickly and is very easy to work with. I will do future business with them.

Steve Kendig

Great looking bike, I’m no pro so can’t tell you as a pro would. Had a bit of trouble during assembly. Chain was caught between gears and the tire, hard to pull out. Not sure if it came like that or if I did it. ( I might have) Now I can’t get in to go into gear 1 and 2. I will take in into a bike shop to fix and adjust as it should be. Other than that it is a great bike. The only real hard part was getting it out of the box and getting all the protective wrapping off first.

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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Buying Guide Under $4000 Buyer’s Guide

In this buyer’s guide, we would show you all that you need to know concerning mountain bikes and also focus more on what specific features that you should be on the lookout for when considering what mountain bike option you want to settle for. These features are discussed below;

  • Frame Size And Material – The frame of a full suspension mountain bike is what truly defines it. Also, the size of the frame is also another important aspect to look at as it plays a huge role in helping the rider have a comfortable ride. The material used in making the frame can either be carbon fiber or aluminum but the carbon fiber material is more expensive than the aluminum material.
  • Reviews – Reading up reviews especially from customers can be very helpful in finding a suitable full suspension mountain bike. It would keep you informed so as to enable you to make the right decision when shopping for yours.
  • Overall Quality – The overall quality of every mountain bike should also be considered important. However, the type of quality desired by the buyer would shed more light on the type of full suspension mountain bike that needs to be bought.

Why Opt For Full Suspension Mountain Bikes?

You would definitely need a full suspension mountain bike if you decide to ride on roots and through gardens that contain rocks and this is because such terrains are the kind of terrains that full suspension mountain bikes are specially built for.

Having front and rear suspension makes it easy to have a smooth ride with proper handling and traction. What this simply means is having a fun ride even on rough terrains.

In addition, full-suspension bikes would help in soaking up bumps that it encounters on the way and this is a very helpful feature as it protects the body from fatigue while making sure that riders ride longer, faster and in a comfortable manner.

Final Thoughts

Here is the end of this review and we have analyzed ten best full suspension mountain bikes under $4000.

You can trust in this review when it comes to making your choice on which mountain bike to settle for and be rest assured that you can never go wrong with any of the mountain bikes that we have brought to your notice today.

They have the best features and guarantees that every ride would be comfortable, safe, enjoyable and fun.

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